Receivables Management

With an innovative combination of technology-enabled operations, next- generation analytics and a professional customer service experience, we have the capability and experience to provide comprehensive transactional management services on your behalf that include:

  • Direct debit payment management
  • Payment processing, and
  • Reconciliation reporting

We’ll establish your internal processes (including dedicated inbound and outbound call handling, letter and call scripting, email, SMS and written correspondence) to ensure that customers feel they are dealing directly with your company. In addition, we’ll manage all recurring customer payments and deliver all documentation such as Credit Applications, Loan Agreements, Credit Guides and Direct Debit Forms in accordance with your guidelines.

Using our state-of-the art receivables management software, we can help to improve collection rates, boost cash flow and free up working capital, while upholding your brand and reputation. Comphrehensive Receivables Management in NZ is what we do.

Our service provides complete receivables management in NZ that is leading the field.

Our receivables management services are designed to:

  • Formulate credit terms in such a way that results in maximising sales revenue while maintaining minimum investment in receivables;
  • Lower operating costs through streamlined collections and proactive late-payment management;
  • Reduce bad-debt risk through better insight into customer creditworthiness;
  • Improve collection success rates with automated dispute resolution;
  • Simplify billing and enhance customer service with electronic invoicing;
  • Boost productivity with mobile access to customer financial data; and
  • Ensure reporting accuracy with access to the most up-to-date account information


Inbound/Outbound Call & Email Handling | Advanced Analytical Reporting & Forecasting | Multi-Channel Payment Processing
Overflow Management | 24-7 Client & Customer Web Access | Communications Strategy (Mail, Phone, SMS, Email)

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