Debt Collection

Our recovery methods are designed to:

  • Create and maintain a sense of urgency;
  • Treat your customers as if they were our own;
  • Maximise your cash flow and profitability;
  • Control your legal risks and costs;
  • Protect your public image; and
  • Minimise bad debt write-offs.

Built around our sophisticated technology platform and data intelligence applications, our mercantile solutions incorporate the five key elements outlined below:

Data Analytics
We optimise contact and conversion rates through a combination of advanced data retrieval applications and sophisticated debtor analysis tools, including: data washing, matching and enhancement tools, account segmentation, risk scoring and champion/challenger strategies.

Debtor Communications
We establish quality contact through appropriate channels to maintain a sense of urgency throughout the collections process, through a range of mechanisms including: demand letters, outbound call campaigns, inbound call handling, outbound email and SMS, and inbound email and SMS response handling.

Customer Service
We establish comprehensive training and compliance programs, call scripting and language control to handle first and/or third party collection negotiations on your behalf. We will support your customer service strategy and performance objectives through a committed relationship of openness, transparency, performance and insight. At Credit Solutions we have a strong performance culture, underpinned by a clear focus on delivering the results expected of us. Our customer service charter is built on an acute understanding of the following principles:

  • Ethical obligations, adherence to discrimination and privacy;
  • Compliance with contractual obligations;
  • Our reputation and future business; and
  • Compliance with government legislation

Our collection staff will identify debtors in special circumstances and, in combination with our customised training materials, reporting and dispute resolution management programs, we’ll ensure that reasonable adjustments are applied to debtors in difficult circumstances and vulnerable situations, disputes are appropriately handled, and complaints are well managed and immediately reported

Skip Tracing
We have access to a comprehensive suite of databases to locate default individual and commercial accounts and specialist field and investigative division that can respond quickly to escalated matters.

We will develop a standard suite of reports that can be customised specifically to meet your reporting requirements, including payment reports, debt reports, action reports, closure reports, spin down reports, performance scorecards, dispute resolution dashboards, payment arrangement reports and legal action status reports.

Specialist Keys
We are a premium Debt Collection NZ agency with specialties in New Zealand Debt Management and Debt Recovery in NZ including Commercial Debt Collection in NZ. Our Debt Recovery Agency Auckland branch is a premier winner of Debt Collection Agencies NZ having a numb er of personal debt collectors in NZ including our traditional Debt Collection Agencies NZ.


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